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Applewood Farm - Apple, Strawberry, Squash, Pumpkin Picking And A Lot Of Fun For The Whole Family

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Mustache out of corn silk
Mustache out of corn silk

We live near Toronto, in Ontario Canada. As a family with two daughters (8 & 5 year olds), we are constantly looking for family fun activities. Living in a country where almost half of the year is cold or cool, we do not want to waste any time and want to enjoy the summer as much as possible.

Apple and strawberries grow abundantly in Ontario. While you can pick different varities in different times in summer through fall, we have been waiting for the time specifically for Honey Crisp Apple variety. We love these apples, they are the best!

The time has arrived! We took our girls to the Applewood Farm in Stouffville last week on Saturday September the 30th, 2023.

It was a very busy place. It was busy when we visited this farm last year too. As I have mentioned, people want to enjoy the short summer without wasting time, and growing season is almost over.

Fees: We had to pay 10 Canadian dollars entry fee for each person. So, it was 40 dollars in total for us to enter the farm. This fee includes entry to the farm and and 1 pumpkin or 1 squash per admission.

Apart from that, you will have to pay per bag before you go for picking. At the time of the writing, large bag was $35 and small bag was $20. We got a large bag for us.

In total, we paid $75 + tax on entry fee.

It was fun. There is a play area for children near the waiting area for wagons. There is also a food truck selling hot dogs. Kids loved it. They went to the top of the hay bells over and over again to jump from. Took some good photos there.

There was a queue while waiting for the wagon ride. Some wagons will take you to the pumpkin patch and some to apple orchard. Both are fun activities.

While picking apples, you should really go near the end of the column. Apples near the end are more mature and red and tastier. While we filled our bag, we ate a lot too. Very tasty honey crisp apples. Do remember that a large bag full of apples is heavy. If time permits, I would strongly recommend that you walk with a stroller so that you can keep your apple bag there. As an added bonus, children will like the walk through woody areas and different fruit orchards and corn field. While the wagon ride was perhaps 5 minutes long, a walk will need around 15 minutes.

Once we were done with apple picking, we walked to the pumpkin patch. There was also a cornfield maze. Children always like mazes. We stopped multiple times to take photos.

While in the maze, Irene made moustache out of corn beard. That was shockingly funny. Sofia picked some corns from the ground that she wanted to feed to animals. While at home, we kept the cord cobs outside and squirrels made best use of those!

Apart from apple picking, the farm also sells apples and pies and various other items. All in all, it was a very nice experience.

The best experience in it was to see our daughters taking it as an adventure and working as a team and being just kids. The way they help each other while climbing a tree or a hay bell, or the way they run around and find a pumpkin of their choice, the talking, the laughing, the different faces they make...

Life is the best when we live at the present.