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Spectacular Fall Colour Viewing In Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It is that time of the year again. We are in Fall. This is the time to celebrate harvest. And, this is the time to celebrate Fall colours.

Leaves have started to change their colours in the Northern hemisphere. It is a boisterous display of colours all around. One of the most beautiful places to see concentrated colour change in the entire world in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. It is the oldest provincial park in Canada in about 7,653 square km. This park is famous for it's rivers, hikes, lakes, animals, canoeing and camping opportunities, and of course Fall colours.

Fall coloura from above
Fall coloura from above

People in Toronto are lucky to live near such a spectacular gem. The park is situated in the north of Ontario and it takes a little more than 3 hours to drive to the park from Toronto downtown.

When to go: Algonquin park is a place that you will like to visit any time of the year. But, for the best Fall colour viewing, plan to visit last 10 days of September to first 10 days of October. Even if you visit in mid October, you will not be disappointed. By the middle of October, almost all the leaves have already fallen to the ground, and that creates another beauty. Soft colourful piles of leaves on the ground will give you yet another opportunity to play and take photos.

How to go there: Google map is of course the best way to travel to the park from Toronto. Nearest entrance should be West Gate at the beginning of Highway 60. There is a park office at the gate where you should get your day pass.

Fall colours reflection on water
Fall colours reflection on water

Fees: If you are only passing through the park without stopping, you do not require a pass. However, if you plan to stop to view the beautiful park, and you will need a pass. As of the time of this writing in the end of September 2023, the daily pass for daily vehicle permit along highway 60 will cost you 21 Canadian dollars. Reference here: Algonquin Day Use Fees.

Once you are at the park: There are many viewing points along Highway 60. Even if you do not plan to stop anywhere, driving along this route itself will open up the beautiful Fall season to you. It is a burst of colours, an energetic mixture of bright yellow, orange, and red. You will see colours in the sky and the reflection in the waters. It is such a beauty that is almost impossible to describe yet hard to resist the temptation to write about. And, you will want to stop everywhere to take photos.

When you plan to travel, just try to pick a day with sun. While the colours are vibrant when leaves are wet with rain water, it is the most beautiful in soft Fall sun. And they are muted when the sky is gloomy.

Fall colours
Fall colours

Many people plan to do a bit of camping during this time too. I myself have done a three night backcountry camping on an island in the park.

It is a park that will remain forever in the memory.

Photo Credit: Writer and Unsplash.



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