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Top Graffiti, Mural and Street Arts to See in Kensington Market, Toronto

Kensington Market is renowned for its vibrant street art, with numerous murals and graffiti that add color and commentary to its streets. While the best can be subjective and ever-changing due to the dynamic nature of street art, here's a list of some notable graffiti spots that have captured the attention of locals and tourists alike:

1. Garden Car on Augusta

Kensington Market, Toronto
Kensington Market, Toronto

An iconic and quirky piece of street art, the Garden Car is a decommissioned vehicle turned into a flowering garden bed, often covered with vibrant graffiti, symbolizing the community's creative reuse and artistic spirit.

2. Baldwin Street Murals

This street is a gallery of murals, each painting a story—ranging from heritage themes to abstract art—reflecting the area's diversity and the voices of its people.

3. El Mocambo Mural

Close to Kensington Market, this mural is a tribute to the legendary music venue, encapsulating Toronto's rich musical history in a burst of colors and iconic imagery.

4. Rush Lane (Graffiti Alley)

Though outside Kensington Market, it's a significant part of Toronto's street art scene, featuring a constantly changing tapestry of graffiti by various artists, celebrated for its creativity and urban vibe.

Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto
Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto

5. Oxford Street Art

Oxford Street features murals that act as social commentaries, engaging passersby with thought-provoking visuals and narratives that speak to contemporary issues.

6. Kensington Market Street Signs

Even the utility gets an artistic makeover here, with street signs turned into distinctive graffiti pieces, adding a dose of charm and character to the neighborhood.


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7. Augusta Avenue Murals

This bustling street is flanked by storefronts adorned with murals, from intricate geometric patterns to expressive portraits, adding a dynamic backdrop to the market’s energy.

Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto
Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto

8. Dragon Alley Mural

Tucked away in a side alley, this stunning dragon mural weaves through the space, its vibrant scales and intricate design celebrating the area's cultural fusion.

9. 'Welcome to Kensington Market' Mural

A colorful and inviting piece that greets visitors with its bold lettering and vivid imagery, perfectly encapsulating the market's vibrant atmosphere.

10. "Faces of Kensington" by Jimmy Chiale

Abstract and colorful, Chiale's mural on Kensington Avenue is a mesmerizing array of faces and figures, showcasing a signature style that's become part of the local fabric.

Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto
Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto

11. Denison Square Murals

Denison Square hosts a variety of murals that range from hyper-realistic portraits to abstract art, each contributing to the neighborhood's open-air gallery feel.

12. Kensington's Hidden Faces

Scattered throughout, these smaller, often overlooked pieces feature faces and expressions hidden in nooks and crannies, inviting a game of artistic hide-and-seek.

13. "Unity" Mural on Kensington Avenue

This large-scale mural represents the harmony within diversity, portraying figures and elements that celebrate the inclusive spirit of the community.

14. "Fish and Birds" by Ryan Dineen

A whimsical mural on the side of a fish market, blending aquatic and avian life in a surreal, flowing composition that speaks to the market's organic nature.

15. The "Heart of Kensington" Mural

A piece that stands as a love letter to the area, depicting the neighborhood's heart through patterns and symbols representative of its essence.

Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto
Kensington Market Graffiti, Toronto

16. "Kaleidoscope" Street Art

Bright and abstract, this mural uses geometric shapes and a spectrum of colors to reflect the diverse and ever-changing nature of Kensington Market.

17. "The Watcher" Mural

An enigmatic piece featuring an eye surrounded by various patterns, suggesting the constant evolution and watchful essence of the market's streets.

18. "Nature's Metropolis" on St. Andrew Street

This mural blends urban and natural elements, showcasing how wildlife adapts and thrives within the cityscape, echoing Kensington's adaptability.

19. "Global Roots" Mural by Elicser Elliott

A poignant mural that delves into the global origins of the market's community, portraying interconnected roots and cultural motifs.

20. "Journey Through the Market"

A series of smaller panels that depict scenes from daily life in the market, each panel capturing the energy and movements of this colorful neighborhood.


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