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What To Do With So Many Green Tomatoes?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Now that are nearing Winter, many of us are left with abundance of green tomatoes in our gardens. Tomatoes do not grow when the temperature goes below 10-degree Celsius.

Green tomatoes
Green tomatoes

Should I harvest green tomatoes now?

It is better to harvest before it is too cold and before first frost even if they are still green. If you wait too long, your tomatoes will be damaged by frost. Also, when rain arrives in fall, tomato plants will start to get fungal disease and it will make the tomatoes non-edible.

So, start picking your beloves tomatoes and bring them inside the house before first frost. In fact, you should bring those inside when daily temperature stay below 10 degrees Celsius as they stop to grow in this weather.

Is it good to eat green tomatoes?

Green tomatoes are not as tasty as red ones. Also, green tomatoes contain a natural substance called "Solanine" which is toxic and has fungicidal and pesticidal properties. This substance protects green tomatoes from disease and pests. So, it is better not to consume raw green tomatoes as it is hard for humans to digest.

Nevertheless, green tomatoes contain ample nutrition that is good for you, just like red tomatoes.

What to do with the green tomatoes now?

You have got few options.

  1. Keep them near windows where you will get some sun. It will help the greens to become reds.

  2. Keep them with apples or bananas. Apples and bananas emit gas that help other fruits become ripe.

  3. Cook as stews, or soup or with lentils.

  4. Make jams or sauce for your pizza

  5. There are of course many different other ways of cooking green tomatoes.

Green tomatoes
Green tomatoes

As for me, I still have some green tomatoes left in the garden. I will be bringing them all inside the house tomorrow!



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