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Bird Feeding By Kids

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Our kids have just discovered that feeding a bird from their own hands is a lot of fun, but for this you need to be quiet, calm and patient….

We took our kids Irene and Sofia to the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington last Sunday. Actually, we went out for a lunch but we saw this trail near the restaurant where Niaz (the dad) used to go to take bird photos; he already knew that this was a place to show our kids some new experiences.

For this kind of activity, the kids need to be brave in a sense that when the bird comes to you and if you are scared and move your hands, it will run away; so, before you can get the birds eating from your hand it will come and go for a few times.

For Irene (our 6 years old daughter) it was much easier to understand that she needed to be patient, to not move and to not talk, so she got the bird on her hand quite fast.

Chickadee eating from Sofia's hand
Chickadee eating from Sofia's hand

But our little daughter Sofia (3 years old) took a little more time to understand that she needed time to let the bird come and eat from her hand. But she got it eventually..

Chickadee eating from Sofia's hand
Chickadee eating from Sofia's hand

The kids enjoyed this a lot, learned a lot too, and if the kids are happy it means parents are happy too.

We will go again for sure, maybe in a better weather so they don't need gloves and we will bring our own bird food; this time very nice people around were giving them some bird food. Now we know that the birds like sunflower seeds, walnuts, or any nuts more than other bird seeds.

Talk to you soon with more experience seeing from our kids eyes.


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