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Birdhouse Decoration With Kids

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

How do you involve children with nature? What about birdhouse decoration?

We live near Toronto (Canada) and as everyone knows the winters here are cold and harsh, especially for the little animals that are out there.

There are many birds that migrate to the south in winter, but there are many others that stay here to spend the winter with us. So this year we have decided to help the birds that do not migrate south a little bit. Apart from putting feeders with food hanging from trees in our garden, we wanted to put some nests or birdhouses in case they want to take refuge from the cold air.

For this, we have bought some wooden birdhouses and the girls have decorated them with paintings and stickers, thus contributing their bit for nature. They have been very happy to participate in our initiative, they have even put some sunflower seeds, peanuts and walnuts inside the birdhouses. Now we just have to wait and see if our bird friends like the idea and use them.

See you soon my friends.

Kids decorating birdhouses
Kids decorating birdhouses



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