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Hitting the Bullseye at Kingston Archery Club, Kingston, Ontario

Updated: Mar 29

Tucked away in the historic city of Kingston, Ontario, lies a community of precision, focus, and camaraderie—the Kingston Archery Club. Whether you're a seasoned archer or someone looking to try out the sport for the first time, this club offers a welcoming atmosphere where the ancient art of archery is practiced and cherished. Let's take a closer look at what makes Kingston Archery Club a perfect quiver in the heart of Kingston for archery enthusiasts.

Location: 2043 Battersea Rd, Glenburnie, ON K0H 1S0 (Outdoor Range)

Kingston Archery Club, Kingston, Ontario

Kingston Archery Club, Kingston, Ontario
Kingston Archery Club, Kingston, Ontario

A Friendly Community for Archers

Kingston Archery Club has been a staple in the local sports community for many years, catering to archers of all skill levels. From beginners just learning to nock an arrow to competitive archers refining their shots, the club is dedicated to promoting archery as a sport and recreational activity for all ages.

Facilities and Equipment

The club boasts an impressive outdoor range that accommodates both target archery and field archery. The range is well-maintained and provides a variety of distances to suit all levels of practice. For those without their own equipment, the club offers rental gear, making it easy for newcomers to step right into the action.

Learning and Development

One of the cornerstones of the Kingston Archery Club is its commitment to education and skill development. The club offers instructional programs and coaching for those looking to improve their technique. Certified instructors guide archers through the basics of stance, aim, and shooting, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Classes and workshops are available for individuals, groups, and families, making it a fantastic opportunity to learn something new or bond over a shared interest. The club's focus on safety, technique, and sportsmanship makes it an ideal place to develop your archery skills.

A Hub for Competition

For those with a competitive streak, the Kingston Archery Club provides numerous opportunities to participate in tournaments and leagues. These events cater to different skill levels and age groups, offering a platform for archers to test their skills against others, track their progress, and enjoy the thrill of competition.

Community Events

Beyond the range, Kingston Archery Club is known for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere. The club hosts social events, community gatherings, and archery demonstrations throughout the year. These events help members connect, share their passion for the sport, and introduce the joy of archery to the broader community.

Join the Fun

If you're in Kingston and looking to try your hand at archery, or if you're an experienced archer seeking a welcoming community, Kingston Archery Club is the place to be. To learn more about membership, classes, or drop-in sessions, visit their website or contact the club directly. They are always eager to welcome new members to the archery family.

Archery is more than just hitting targets; it's about focus, discipline, and community. At Kingston Archery Club, you'll find all these elements in abundance. Whether you're aiming to become a competitive archer or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, the club offers a unique experience in the heart of Kingston. So why not grab a bow, take aim, and discover the joy of archery today?


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