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Toronto's St. Lawrence Market: A Kid-Friendly Guide

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, the historic St. Lawrence Market is a destination that should top the list of family-friendly places to visit. With its vibrant mix of food, culture, and community, it's an urban playground for children and adults alike. If you're planning a day out with the kids, here's an in-depth look at how to make the most of your visit to this iconic market.

Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market

Dive into the History

Before you dive into the food and fun, take a moment to appreciate the history of the St. Lawrence Market. This place has been a central part of Toronto’s social and economic fabric since 1803. Teach your kids about the market's evolution, from its beginnings as Toronto's first permanent city-owned market building to its current standing as one of the world's great markets. It's not just a history lesson; it's a way to connect your children with the city's past.

The Magic of the South Market

The South Market is the main pavilion, home to over 120 vendors selling everything from baked goods to meats, fish, and produce. For kids, this place is a feast for the senses. The colors, the smells, and the sounds make for an immersive experience.

Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza

Create a scavenger hunt to keep the little ones engaged. Give them a list of items to find or tasks to complete, like locating the ripest tomato, the strangest-looking fruit, or the stall with the most types of mustard. It's not only fun, but it'll keep them entertained while you browse.

A Culinary Tour

Embark on a culinary tour around the world without leaving the market. Introduce your kids to different cultures through food. Try a piece of artisanal cheese from France, a slice of prosciutto from Italy, or a bite of a Jamaican patty. Vendors are usually happy to share stories about their products, offering an educational angle to every bite.

Sweet Discoveries

St. Lawrence Market is a treasure trove of sweet treats. Whether it’s freshly made doughnuts, Canadian maple syrup, or handmade chocolates, there’s plenty to satisfy a young sweet tooth. Let the kids pick out a dessert—they’ll love the independence and the sugar rush!

Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market

Saturday's Farmers Market Adventure

Visit on a Saturday, and you’ll find the Farmers Market in the North Market building, where farmers from around Ontario bring their fresh produce to sell. It's a chance for kids to learn directly from the people who grow the food they eat.

Fresh from the Farm

Have your children pick out fresh fruits or vegetables they’ve never tried before. Many farmers offer samples and are happy to talk about their farming methods. It’s a great hands-on way to teach kids about healthy eating and sustainable farming.

Seasonal Activities

Depending on the season, the Farmers Market may also have special activities such as pumpkin decorating, apple tasting, or maple syrup demonstrations. These events are often free and offer unique experiences for city kids to connect with rural traditions.


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The Market Kitchen: Cooking Up Fun

The Market Kitchen sometimes offers cooking classes for families and children. It's a fantastic opportunity for your little chefs to get hands-on culinary instruction and learn about the ingredients they've just seen in the market. Check the schedule in advance and book a spot for an unforgettable cooking experience.

Engage with the Arts

The market isn't just about food; it’s also a cultural hub. On various occasions, it hosts art exhibitions and installations. Encourage your kids' artistic sides by discussing the artworks on display. Some installations are interactive, offering kids a chance to be part of the art.

Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market

The Neighborhood: A Treasure Hunt

Take a walk around the St. Lawrence neighborhood. There are charming streets lined with historic buildings, public art, and parks. As you stroll, make it a treasure hunt to find certain architectural details or spot different types of birds at the park.

Berczy Park

A short walk from the market is Berczy Park, home to the famous dog fountain. Kids will love trying to count all the dog statues and watching the whimsical waterworks. It’s also a great spot for a picnic with your market finds.

Capture the Memories

Encourage your kids to document the day. They can take photos, draw pictures, or keep a journal of what they see and taste. It's a great way for them to process the experience and will provide a lovely keepsake of your family day out.

End the Day with Education

Wrap up your visit with a stop at the St. Lawrence Hall, the historic building above the South Market. Here you can often find exhibits or displays that delve into Toronto's history. It’s a quiet place to reflect on the day and learn a little bit more about the city.

Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market

Final Tips for a Perfect Visit

  • Plan Ahead: Check the St. Lawrence Market website for special events and opening timesbefore heading out.

  • Bring Reusable Bags: Teach the kids about sustainability and have them carry their own little tote for their treasures.

  • Dress Comfortably: There’s a lot of walking and bustling about, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

  • Use Public Transit: It’s a great way to teach kids about using public transportation, and it’s eco-friendly!


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St. Lawrence Market is more than a place to shop; it’s a living, breathing cultural institution that offers endless opportunities for discovery and learning. For kids, it's an adventure that engages all the senses and opens their minds to new tastes, cultures, and ideas. From the history that lines the ancient walls to the modern-day mosaic of vendors and artisans, St. Lawrence Market is a place where Toronto’s heart beats strong, and where families can create lasting memories. So gather the little ones and head out for a day at the market—it’s time to discover, learn, and, most importantly, have fun!




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