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Top Attractions and Things to Do in London, Ontario

London, Ontario, is a bustling city with its unique blend of historical charm and modern attractions. Tucked away in Southwestern Ontario, this city offers a rich array of activities that cater to art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. In this detail guide, we delve into the cultural and educational attractions that make London a must-visit destination. Whether you're a local or a traveler, prepare to be surprised by what the "Forest City" has in store for you.


1. Museum London

Museum London, Ontario
Museum London, Ontario

Location: 421 Ridout Street North, London, ON N6A 5H4

Nestled at the fork of the Thames River, Museum London is an art and history institution that stands as a cultural cornerstone for the city. With over 5,000 artworks and 45,000 artifacts in its collection, the museum offers a deep dive into Canadian art and the local heritage of London. The exhibitions range from historical to contemporary art, providing a comprehensive overview of the region's artistic evolution.

But Museum London is more than just a space for exhibition. It's a hub for educational programs, artist talks, and interactive workshops that aim to inspire creativity and critical thought in visitors of all ages. Don't miss the chance to visit the RH Theatrette for documentary screenings that complement the museum's current exhibits.

2. Eldon House

Eldon House, London, Ontario
Eldon House, London, Ontario

Location: 481 Ridout Street North, London, ON N6A 2P6


Step back in time at Eldon House, London's oldest residence and a treasure trove of 19th-century history. This impeccably preserved home was inhabited by the Harris family until 1959 and now serves as a museum that depicts the opulent lifestyle of the era. The house, complete with original furnishings and artifacts, reveals the nuances of daily life in Victorian London, Ontario.

The gardens of Eldon House are equally impressive, offering a tranquil retreat from the bustle of the city. The heritage gardens are maintained in a style befitting the period, and you can enjoy the riot of colors from the heirloom plants and flowers. Throughout the year, Eldon House hosts various events, including historical reenactments and seasonal celebrations, which bring the past to vivid life.

3. The Grand Theatre

Location: 471 Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 3E4

For a night of high culture, visit The Grand Theatre, a premier destination for performing arts in London. Known affectionately as "The Grand," this historical theater has been captivating audiences since 1901. With a vibrant selection of plays, musicals, and live performances, The Grand offers something for every taste.

The architecture of the theater itself is a sight to behold, with its classic red-brick façade and opulent interior that transports theatergoers to a bygone era. Whether you're catching a contemporary Canadian play or a classic Shakespearean drama, The Grand Theatre provides a memorable experience for patrons of the arts.

4. Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario
Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario

Location: 130 King Street, London, ON N6A 1C5

No visit to London would be complete without a trip to the Covent Garden Market, one of Canada's oldest continuously operating markets. Since 1845, this market has been a cornerstone of London's community, offering a variety of local produce, artisanal goods, and international delicacies.

Inside the market, you'll find an array of vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to gourmet cheeses and handmade crafts. The second floor houses a diverse food court where you can sample cuisines from around the world. The market also hosts cooking classes, live music, and seasonal events, making it a lively spot for both locals and tourists.


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5. Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Location: 2609 Fanshawe Park Road East, London, ON N5X 4A1

Take a journey through time at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, an open-air museum that recreates rural life in the 19th century. This immersive historical experience allows you to explore over 30 heritage buildings, each staffed with costumed interpreters who share stories and demonstrate traditional crafts.

From the blacksmith's forge to the one-room schoolhouse, each building in the village offers a glimpse into the daily lives of early settlers in the London area. Visitors can participate in activities such as churning butter, printing on a vintage press, or watching a historical cooking demonstration. The village also hosts special events throughout the year, including harvest festivals and historical reenactments, to engage visitors in the living history of Ontario.

6. Springbank Park

Location: 1085 Commissioners Road West, London, ON N6K 4Y6

Springbank Park is London's largest park, a sprawling 300-acre oasis along the banks of the Thames River. With its picturesque scenery, it's a favorite destination for families, joggers, and anyone looking to escape the urban grind. The park features an extensive network of trails, perfect for walking, cycling, and in-line skating. If you're visiting in the summer, don't miss a ride on the Storybook Gardens' miniature train, a delight for children and the young at heart.

Springbank Park also offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities. During the winter months, the park transforms into a snowy playground with opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The park's natural beauty is a year-round draw for those seeking a peaceful retreat or a bit of exercise in the great outdoors.

7. Thames Valley Parkway

Location: Stretches across London, following the Thames River

For an active exploration of London, lace up your shoes for a journey on the Thames Valley Parkway. This extensive pathway system spans over 40 kilometers, connecting many of London's parks and neighborhoods. As you traverse the paths, you'll be treated to diverse landscapes, from serene riverfront to lush woodlands.

Cyclists, walkers, and runners alike will appreciate the well-maintained trails that provide a safe and scenic route through the city. Along the way, there are plenty of spots for resting and observing local wildlife. Whether you're looking for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous workout, the Thames Valley Parkway is a perfect choice.

8. Sifton Bog

Location: 1210 Oxford Street West, London, ON N6H 1V7

A rare environmental gem within the city limits, Sifton Bog is an ecologically significant area with a unique acidic bog ecosystem. This 40-hectare site is home to a variety of plant species not typically found in the region, including some rare and endangered varieties.

A boardwalk trail allows visitors to explore the bog without disturbing its delicate habitat, leading to a viewing platform that overlooks the open bog area. Birdwatchers and nature photographers will find Sifton Bog especially rewarding, as it's a haven for many species of birds and other wildlife. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera to capture the natural beauty of this unique environment.

9. Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain Skiing, London, Ontario
Boler Mountain Skiing, London, Ontario

Location: 689 Griffith Street, London, ON N6K 2S5

London may not be known for mountainous terrain, but Boler Mountain offers a taste of adventure that defies the city's predominantly flat geography. Renowned as a winter destination for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, Boler Mountain is a hub of activity when the snow falls. With well-groomed slopes and a welcoming lodge, it's a winter sports enthusiast's dream.

But Boler Mountain isn't just for the cold months. During the warmer seasons, it transforms into a center for mountain biking, hiking, and treetop adventure. Their Treetop Adventure Park is a thrilling high ropes course that will challenge your agility and provide an adrenaline rush amidst the treetops.

10. Kains Woods Environmentally Significant Area

Location: Accessible from several points, including 1888 Riverbend Road, London, ON

For a serene and somewhat secluded nature experience, Kains Woods is a must-visit. This Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) features mature forests, steep river valley lands, and a diverse array of flora and fauna. The maintained trails offer hikers, bird watchers, and nature lovers an opportunity to appreciate the tranquility and ecological diversity of the area. With the Thames River winding through, this is a prime location for reflection and the enjoyment of nature’s quiet beauty.

As you walk the trails, keep an eye out for the varied wildlife that call Kains Woods home. Deer, foxes, and a plethora of bird species are just a few examples of the wildlife you may encounter. Informational signage along the trails provides insight into the natural processes and species found within this protected area.


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11. Fork of the Thames

Location: Intersection of the North and South Branches of the Thames River

The Fork of the Thames, where the two branches of the Thames River meet, is a landmark of natural and historical significance in London. This area has been revitalized with walking paths, an amphitheater, and public art, making it a lively spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Whether you're basking in the sun, enjoying a riverside picnic, or attending one of the many events held here, the Fork offers a beautiful backdrop. The area also features a replica of the historic Blackfriars Bridge, providing a picturesque crossing and a nod to London's heritage.

12. Western Fair District

Location: 316 Rectory Street, London, ON N5W 3V9

The Western Fair District is London's premier entertainment destination, offering a year-round calendar of events. From the excitement of the annual Western Fair to concerts, trade shows, and sporting events, there's always something happening here.

The district also includes a casino, a racetrack, and several dining options. Seasonal events, like the festive winter market and the summer beer and BBQ festivals, are local favorites. For those seeking thrills and fun, the Western Fair District is a must-visit.

13. Labatt Brewery

Labatt Brewery, London, Ontario
Labatt Brewery, London, Ontario

Location: 150 Simcoe Street, London, ON N6A 4M3


A visit to London wouldn't be complete without exploring the iconic Labatt Brewery. As one of Canada's founding businesses and its oldest brewery, Labatt's has played a significant role in the city's industrial history. The brewery offers tours where beer enthusiasts can learn about the brewing process, the company's history, and, of course, sample some of their famous beers.

The tour is both educational and enjoyable, showcasing the blend of traditional brewing methods and modern technology. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop to pick up some branded souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

14. The Factory

Location: 100 Kellogg Ln, London, ON N5W 0B4

Nestled in the heart of London, Ontario, The Factory is the ultimate destination for adrenaline and fun. This massive entertainment complex, housed in a reclaimed factory, boasts the title of North America's largest indoor adventure park. With a dizzying array of activities, from high-flying trampolines to challenging escape rooms, it promises a thrilling experience for all ages.

The Factory's historic industrial setting provides a unique contrast to its modern attractions. Visitors can scale the heights on an expansive indoor ropes course, zip line across the facility, or enjoy a more leisurely climb on the bouldering walls. It's a place where adventure meets history, offering a one-of-a-kind outing that's perfect for family trips, friend hangouts, or even team-building events.

15. Budweiser Gardens

Location: 99 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 6K1

Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, is a bustling epicenter for entertainment, offering an eclectic array of events to suit every taste. This modern arena, known for hosting everything from headlining concerts and family shows to sporting events, provides a vibrant atmosphere for an unforgettable outing. As the home of the London Knights, it's also a hallowed ground for hockey fans, making it a must-visit for anyone craving live action and entertainment.

16. Victoria Park

Location: 580 Clarence St, London, ON N6A 3N1

Victoria Park, an urban oasis nestled alongside Richmond Row in London, Ontario, is a year-round haven for recreation and relaxation. This picturesque park is a centerpiece for community events, from summer festivals to winter ice-skating, surrounded by the city's historical architecture. With its lush greenery, tranquil pathways, and a playground, Victoria Park offers a peaceful escape for picnics, leisurely strolls, or simply soaking in the natural beauty amidst the urban landscape.

17. Explore Boutique Shops at Richmond Row

Location: Downtown London

Richmond Row, the stylish heart of London, Ontario, is a treasure trove for shoppers seeking unique finds. This chic district boasts an impressive array of boutique shops, each offering a personalized shopping experience. From high-end fashion to bespoke jewelry and artisanal home decor, the Row is perfect for those looking to browse the latest trends or find that one-of-a-kind gift, all within the charm of London's most fashionable stretch.

18. Stargaze at the Cronyn Observatory

Stargaze at the Cronyn Observatory, London, Ontario
Stargaze at the Cronyn Observatory, London, Ontario

Location: Cronyn Observatory


The Cronyn Observatory, perched on the grounds of Western University in London, Ontario, is a gateway to the stars for both astronomy enthusiasts and curious minds. This educational landmark, with its iconic dome and telescope, hosts public nights that offer a glimpse into the cosmos. Visitors can explore the mysteries of the night sky, learn about celestial phenomena, and stargaze, making it a captivating destination for a cosmic adventure.

19. Explore Wortley Village

Location: Wortley Village, London

Wortley Village, nestled within London's Old South, exudes a small-town vibe with its eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Crowned as one of Canada’s coolest neighborhoods, it offers a charming, laid-back atmosphere where locals and visitors can enjoy browsing unique boutiques, dining at cozy eateries, or simply unwinding in the village's welcoming community spirit. It's a delightful corner of London that promises a warm, neighborly experience away from the city's hustle.

20. Explore Old East Village

Location: Old East Village

Old East Village, a historic and creative district in London, Ontario, offers a blend of old-world charm and contemporary culture. Known for its Victorian architecture, the area is a hub for artisans with its local markets, craft breweries, and vintage shops. Foodies and art lovers alike flock here to enjoy the lively atmosphere, cultural events, and community-led initiatives that make Old East Village a dynamic and evolving neighborhood full of discoveries.


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21. Apple Land Station

Location: 329 Richmond St, Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0

Apple Land Station in London, Ontario, is a family-owned farm that promises a delightful agritourism experience. Embrace the countryside charm as you pick your own apples, venture through the corn maze, or enjoy a scenic ride on the miniature train. With its friendly petting farm and delectable bakery filled with homemade treats, this delightful attraction offers a taste of rural life and fun for the whole family.

22. St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica London

St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica London, Ontario
St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica London, Ontario

Location: 196 Dufferin Ave, London, ON N6A 1K8

Established in 1934, St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica stands as a majestic landmark in London, Ontario, boasting stunning Gothic Revival architecture. This architectural gem invites visitors to step into a space of tranquility and spiritual grandeur. Whether attending a serene mass, admiring the intricate stained glass windows, or exploring the detailed stone carvings, the Cathedral offers a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the city's rich religious heritage.

23. Food Tours

Location: Various


Savor the flavors of London, Ontario, with a guided food tour that takes you through the city's culinary hotspots. These tours are a foodie's delight, offering a taste of local and international cuisine as you explore bustling markets, charming eateries, and hidden gems. Along the way, you'll learn about the city's culture and history, making it a deliciously educational experience. Perfect for those looking to combine adventure with a side of scrumptious bites!

24. Wine Tasting Tours

Location: Various


Discover the burgeoning wine scene of London, Ontario with an intimate wine tasting tour. Visitors can indulge in the rich bouquet of local vineyards, sampling a variety of vintages while learning about the winemaking process from passionate vintners. These tours provide a perfect blend of education and relaxation, set against the picturesque backdrop of Ontario's countryside. It's an ideal activity for oenophiles and novices alike seeking a sophisticated and sensory experience.

25. Escapology

Location: 604 Oxford St E, London, ON N5Y 3J1

Escapology in London, Ontario, offers an exhilarating challenge for those who love puzzles and thrill-seeking adventures. As the city's premier escape room venue, it presents a variety of themed rooms, each with unique, immersive stories that require teamwork and ingenuity to solve. Perfect for groups of friends, family, or colleagues, Escapology is an engaging way to test your wits and bond with others while racing against the clock.

26. Jet Aircraft Museum

Location: 2465 Aviation Ln # 2, London, ON N5V 3Z9

The Jet Aircraft Museum in London, Ontario, is an aviation enthusiast's dream, showcasing the sleek engineering and history of jet flight. Visitors can marvel at the collection of Canadian military jets, many of which have been restored to flying condition. This unique museum not only displays these powerful machines but also offers insight into Canada's aviation heritage, with opportunities for up-close experiences and even flight simulations for the truly adventurous.

27. The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, London, Ontario
The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, London, Ontario

Location: 701 Oxford Street East, 750 Elizabeth St, London, ON N5Y 4T7