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How To Save Money If You Use A Heating Protection Plan With A Reputable Company

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Furnace flame
Furnace flame

We live in Canada and as you know, half of the year here is cool to cold. In our home, we start to run the furnace or heating system from September when nighttime temperature goes down to 10 to 15 degree Celsius. And, by the time we are in December or January, we are in cold territory as day or nighttime time temperature will likely remain in negative side of the temperature gauge.

In summary, we need heating system to be functional all the time in winter in Canada. And, most houses use gas furnaces, while some houses use electrical baseboard heating system.

As you know, machines break, so do furnaces. What do you do when your furnace stops working in the middle of a cold day or night, specially when outdoor temperature is below -15 degree Celsius, or perhaps -25?

I wanted to write this article with the aim to help those folks who are new in Canada, new immigrants, or perhaps moved in a house for the first-time from an Apartment. During a heating system emergency in an apartment, the management will take care of it. But, in a house, you are on your own. But, do not be scared though, you just have to be prepared with knowledge and nerve.

Our gas furnace in our house had stopped working few time over the last 15 years. So, we got a Heating Protection Plan with a utility company; as we have kids, we are extra careful. In our case, we have a plan with Enercare Canada, but there are other companies who also provide similar services depending on where you live. If there is a problem with the heating system, we will call the company and they will send a technician who will fix the furnace.

But, how does it save money?

Well, good question. As of the time of this writing (October 2023), we pay $17.99+HST every month for the protect plan, which is $215.88 + HST ($28.06 in HST) = $243.94, all in Canadian dollars. If your furnace breaks in Winter, you will need a technician to come to your place quickly, as otherwise you will sleep cold. Your cost to fix the furnace will most likely be way more than the money that you will be paying for the plan in a year, and sometimes can be even 1000 dollars, if the furnace motor breaks (it happened to me).

They will also send the technician to your house once a year as part of yearly maintenance. That makes sure that your furnace does better in harsh Winters.

Should you get the plan right away?

NO, please do not do that. Here is a trick - if your furnace breaks, call Enercare (1-888-861-0426 - please google for latest number) or your provider and make an appointment. When the technician comes, he can create an account for you. So, this way you may not be paying until there really is a problem with your furnace - saves money right? However, once you have the account, you will have to continue paying for one year.

Just make sure that your provider can create an account for your while technician is working with your issue. Please do due diligence.

How do you pay?

If you have a house, you most likely has an account with Enbridge. Enbridge gas will add the Enercare bill in their invoice.

Is it all good all the time?

I wish, but no, unfortunately. I like Enercare, I like the way their technicians are. They are very professional and efficient. But, do remember that Winter is a busy season for Furnace Technicians, so, you may not get help right away and you may need to wait even more during long weekends, weekends or specially when it is really cold. I had a situation like that before; it was -35 degree Celsius and the furnace broke as it could not take the pressure. Unfortunately, many other people were facing the same issue because of extreme cold and it created a delay. Frustratingly enough, somehow, the the machines always breaks on weekends, from my experience!


Lastly, I like to end this with a small note. These technicians are licensed and are regulated in Canada, and which means that they can in fact complain about your furnace room to the authority if things are not right; for example - if your furnace room does not have a vent.

When we bought our house, our furnace room did not have any vent. What it means that there could be a disaster if there were a carbon-mono-oxide buildup. Our technician from Enercare asked me to cut a portion of the drywall and install a vent cover. It was easy to do by myself. Just got a drywall cutter and a vent cover (8 inches x 12 inches) from Lowe's, cut the drywall and screwed in the vent cover nicely!

I have seen many houses where they do not have any vent. I think every furnace room should have one, or just make one in case there is none.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article will be able to help many new comers in Canada, or new immigrants in saving money with a heating protection plan for their house.


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