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Baking And Making Homemade Granola With Kids

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Hi … Who doesn't like yogurt? And better if it is accompanied by nuts, chocolate and even some fruits, because we give you the recipe of making a homemade granola with the ingredients you prefer, very easy to make and very yummy.


250g oats

75 g walnuts

50 g almonds

50 g cashews

30 g pumpkin seeds

3 tablespoons of warm water

3 tablespoons of honey

3 tablespoons coconut oil

1 spoon of vanilla

150 g dark chocolate chips

A little grated coconut

First we need to cut the nuts into pieces of the desired size. If you do it with children you can help with the knife, you can also buy chopped walnuts, sliced ​​almonds, sunflower seeds and put them without cutting…. The nuts added go like the consumer's taste, or like me, I used what I had at home. You can add peanuts, hazelnuts, pecan nuts, etc. and the quantities also to taste, they do not have to be the same. For example, I have used the almonds and cashews that I had at home.