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Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room: Dining with a View in Niagara Falls

Updated: Mar 1

Niagara Falls is not just about the roar of the water; it's also about the taste of luxury that comes from dining 775 feet above the falls. The Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room is an experience that combines epicurean delights with a panoramic view that can only be described as breathtaking.

Location: 5200 Robinson St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2A2

Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls
Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls

Elevated Cuisine

The Skylon Tower's Revolving Dining Room offers guests a fine dining experience that matches the grandeur of the vista. The menu, featuring an array of gourmet dishes, caters to a variety of palates, with each dish prepared to perfection by skilled chefs. The focus on fresh ingredients and sophisticated flavors ensures that the food is as memorable as the view.

A View to Remember

As the dining room gently revolves 360 degrees every hour, diners are treated to an ever-changing perspective of the Horseshoe and American Falls, the Niagara River, and the skylines of both Niagara Falls, Ontario, and New York. The unique vantage point offers an unrivaled opportunity to gaze upon the majesty of the falls from the comfort of your table.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it's a romantic dinner for two, a celebratory meal, or a sightseeing highlight, the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room is suited for any special occasion. The combination of exquisite meals and a mesmerizing view creates an enchanting atmosphere that elevates any dining experience.

Visiting Tips

  • Reservations: Securing a table ahead of time is highly recommended, especially during tourist season or holidays.

  • Attire: The dining room has a smart casual dress code, adding to the upscale experience.

  • Early Dinner Specials: For those looking for value, the early dinner specials offer a great opportunity to enjoy the experience at a reduced price.

The Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room is more than just a meal; it's a feast for the senses. As you indulge in fine cuisine, the world unfolds beneath you, offering a perspective of Niagara Falls that is as unforgettable as it is beautiful. For a meal that rises above the ordinary, make sure to add the Skylon Tower to your Niagara Falls itinerary.


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