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Tiramisu Cake

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

My Tiramisu Cake never fails to deliver. Over the years, this has become one of the most favorite desserts in my closest circle of family and friends.

Tiramisu is a coffee flavored Italian dessert made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee of your choice, layered with a whipped mixture of irresistible creamy mascarpone cheese, eggs and flavored with cocoa. It is one of the most popular desserts worldwide; however, it is relatively a new invention by looking the history books. The recipe for tiramisu is not found in cookbooks before 1960s. It is said that tiramisu has aphrodisiac qualities.

Numerous variations of Tiramisu exists. Bakers living in different parts of Italy often debate on combinations used in preparing this mouth watering dessert. That begs us to think creatively by our own right. Why don’t we do some experiments ourselves? What I can say with confidence that my way of making tiramisu has always been a hit among family and friends alike!

Enough of history, I guess! Let’s make a mouth watering, eye pleasing, and the best tiramisu cake following step by step directions below!


500g of finger lady

500g mascarpone cheese

2 yolks

2 white eggs

Unsweetened cocoa

50g sugar

500ml whipping cream (35%)

300ml of espresso


For the whole process I used a handheld pastry blender.

First we beat the yolks with the sugar and save for later.

Beat the egg white separately until it will stand in soft peaks, and also save for a little later.

Making Tiramisu cake
Making Tiramisu cake

Then we mix mascarpone cheese with the yolks and sugar mixture. Here you can add a little coffee to the mix and it will give it a more intense flavor.

Making Tiramisu cake
Making Tiramisu cake

We whip the cream, (I put the glass or metal bowl in the fridge a little before whipping the cream so that everything is very cold and it gives you a better result).

Making Tiramisu cake
Making Tiramisu cake

And once the whipped cream is done, it is added to the mixture of yolks, sugar and mascarpone cheese, you can still use the mixer machine. When everything is homogenized, it is time to add the whipped whites, but this time you should use a spatula and make enveloping movements so as not to break the bubbles that have already formed.

Making Tiramisu cake
Making Tiramisu cake

And it is time to assemble the cake. It can be done in a traditional way in a large container or cups or it is more beautiful if you use a piping bag for the cream.

The first layer would be a little cream, then you would put the ladyfinger cookies dipped in the coffee (you can add a touch of rum, amaretto or any liqueur to taste), and then a layer of cream, finally sprinkle a little of cocoa powder and again a layer of ladyfingers, cream and cocoa.

Making Tiramisu cake
Making Tiramisu cake

Let it cool in the fridge for about 8 hours and enjoy!

Tiramisu cake
Tiramisu cake



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