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Top Vintage and Thrift Stores in Kensington Market, Toronto

Kensington Market in Toronto is not just a neighborhood; it is a living tapestry of culture, cuisine, and eclectic retail experience. Among the colorful murals and the scent of global street foods, the area's vintage and thrift shops are legendary, attracting fashion enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike. This vibrant community, with its bohemian spirit, offers a unique backdrop for a variety of thrift stores, each with their own personality and treasure trove of finds. From retro clothing and accessories to rare collectibles and antique homewares, Kensington Market's second-hand shops reflect the diversity and creative energy that pulses through the heart of the city.

Exploring the vintage and thrift shops in Kensington Market is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt through time. Each store is a portal to the past, where vintage aficionados and casual browsers can sift through racks of nostalgic garments, each with its own story. The market's narrow streets and Victorian-style buildings create an intimate shopping experience, where personal service and a love for history's fashion are woven into the fabric of each establishment. Whether you're seeking a statement piece from a bygone era or simply looking to reduce your carbon footprint through sustainable shopping, Kensington Market's eclectic mix of vintage and thrift stores offers something for every taste and budget, all within the whimsical and welcoming confines of Toronto's most famous market.

Here is a curated list of the top Vintage and Thrift Stores in Kensington Market, Toronto:

1. Courage My Love

Courage My Love, Kensington Market, Toronto
Courage My Love, Kensington Market, Toronto

Location: 14 Kensington Avenue

Nestled in the heart of Kensington Market, Courage My Love is a vintage institution beloved for its bohemian vibe. It's a go-to destination for unique vintage finds, including clothing, jewelry, and ceramics. With a history spanning over four decades, the store’s eclectic selection is sourced from all over the world, ensuring that no two visits are the same. The shop doesn't have a dedicated website, but it maintains an active presence on social media where they post updates and new finds.

2. Bungalow

Location: 273 Augusta Avenue

Bungalow is a spacious shop that combines a love for vintage and modern second-hand items. It offers a variety of men's and women's clothing, as well as an impressive selection of furniture, housewares, and records. The front of the store is dedicated to modern thrift finds while the back houses a treasure trove of mid-century furniture.

3. Exile Vintage

Location: 60 Kensington Avenue

Website: exile vintage

Exile stands out in Kensington Market for its curated selection of vintage clothing from the 1960s through the 1980s. The store promises a nostalgic journey with its high-quality denim, classic leather, and standout pieces perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. They often update their Instagram with standout pieces and store announcements.

4. Flashback Vintage

Flashback Vintage, Kensington Market, Toronto
Flashback Vintage, Kensington Market, Toronto

Location: 33 Kensington Avenue

Flashback Vintage is a vibrant store filled with retro fashion. Specializing in clothing from the '60s and '70s, it’s a popular spot for those who love the fashion of those decades. Their collection includes a variety of accessories to complete any vintage look. They don't have a website, but regular updates are posted on their social media profiles.


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5. Blue Banana Market

Location: 250 Augusta Avenue

While Blue Banana Market is not a traditional thrift store, it does offer a selection of vintage items mixed in with new, handcrafted goods from local artisans. The store’s marketplace setup makes for an engaging shopping experience, where you can find one-of-a-kind vintage treasures.

6. Ransack the Universe

Location: 1207 Bloor Street West

Website: Facebook

A bit outside of Kensington Market but worth the mention, Ransack the Universe is a treasure trove of vintage clothing, accessories, and memorabilia. Their collection is a mix of eclectic and mainstream vintage, spanning different eras and catering to various tastes. They regularly post new finds on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

7. Sub Rosa Vintage

Location: 16 Kensington Avenue

Specializing in high-quality vintage women’s wear, Sub Rosa Vintage offers a curated selection of garments from past decades. The intimate shop atmosphere is reminiscent of a secret vintage boudoir, filled with soft fabrics and classic styles. They don't have a website but keep their followers updated through Instagram.

8. Vintage Depot

Vintage Depot, Toronto
Vintage Depot, Toronto

Location: 70 Kensington Avenue

Vintage Depot is a family-operated shop focusing on vintage streetwear and classic sports apparel. The store is particularly known for its collection of vintage jerseys and sports memorabilia. It’s a haven for those on the hunt for unique and nostalgic sports gear. They showcase their latest finds on their social media platforms.

9. Black Market Clothing

Location: 256 Queen Street West

Just outside Kensington Market, Black Market Clothing has been a staple in the Toronto vintage scene since 1981. They offer a vast selection of affordable vintage and second-hand clothing in a basement setting. You can find everything from unique vintage pieces to thrift staples here.

10. Tom’s Place

Location: 190 Baldwin Street

A Kensington Market fixture, Tom's Place is a discount retailer of designer men's wear. Offering a mix of new and slightly used items, the store provides a range of suits, casual wear, and accessories. It's a great spot for those looking for classic style at a bargain.

Please note that the availability of vintage and thrift items is subject to change, and it's always recommended to visit a shop's social media pages or contact them directly for the most current information.


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