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Willowtree Farm - The Best Tasting Strawberry Picking For The Whole Family

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Strawberry picking is a fun activity for the whole family for young and old alike. You get the freshest possible fruits that you eat while you pick. A combination of open field and fresh air, fruits, smell, and the curious excitement when finding a hidden red berry in the bush is something that will keep everybody busy. You will see the happiness and excitement in the eyes of your little ones that will surely live in the memory for very long.

While you can pick strawberries in various times throughout Summer and Fall, we were looking froward to visit Willowtree Farm in the Fall. We visited this farm last year and we liked it a lot. We picked strawberries with our kids in other farms also. But, we definitely think that the berries in Willowtree Farm are the best! They were so juicy and sweet last year Fall that we wanted to comeback the same time this year (end of September, 2023).

This farm is located only 20 minutes away from our home, near Port Perry in the Durham Region, Ontario.

Apart from strawberry picking, you can also pick pumpkins. They have a small zoo with cute little baby bunnies and a sizeable playground for kids with instruments. This year they built a trail with Halloween themed decoration that we walked on to arrive at the spot where we took the wagon to the berry field. Pumpkin bowling along the trail was a nice surprise.

As an added bonus, kids enjoyed the playground after we were done with picking the fruits. There was a large pile of pumpkins that gave us a good opportunity to take some photos. The hay bale park was also quite nice, perfect for climbing and jumping. Kids being kids, they love to play with hays 100% of the time, wherever we go.

Our kids enjoyed the experience and so did we.