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A Year Of Roses - Our Garden

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Marina likes roses and she has been asking me to plant some for few years. And, finally we took the step. Got few of them, 6 different kinds.

Rose garden
Rose garden

And, what I have discovered in the process has astonished me. I have realized that roses from each kind has it's own very distinct fragrance. They are very different from each other. This made me understand something from my childhood memory. I remember small bottles of perfumes from my childhood that mostly men used to wear. In Bangladesh, we called them "Ator" and it had religious significance. Now I think that all those different variations were actually fragrances from different roses.

Among 6 rose plants, two of them are climbing ones. When we got them, they were small. And, now! Oh boy they are growing! And we can smell them from far back in the backyard.

The start of the journey was not very comfortable though. Bunnies were eating the new leaves. Had to fence all of the plants in order to protect them. And then came the bugs, specially earwigs and Japanese beetles. It was so painful to see the healthy flowers and leaves eaten by the bugs.

However, now that weather is cooling down, I see less bugs. I see beautiful new fresh baby leaves and flowers.

It is a joy. I am in love with our roses now :)



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