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The Best Splash Pads in Kingston, Ontario: Beat the Heat

As summer temperatures soar, residents and visitors in Kingston, Ontario, search for ways to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. Splash pads are a fantastic option for families looking to have some fun in the sun without the commitment of a swimming pool. These watery playgrounds offer a refreshing escape and are a safe, enjoyable way for children to play and stay cool. Let's dive into the best most popular splash pads in Kingston, complete with short descriptions and locations.

The Best Splash Pads in Kingston, Ontario

Splash Pad
Splash Pad

1. City Park Splash Pad

Location: 33 Bagot St, Kingston

Nestled in the historic City Park, this splash pad is a favorite for its central location and proximity to beautiful park grounds, making it a perfect spot for a full day of family fun.

2. Lake Ontario Park Splash Pad

Location: 920 King St W, Kingston

Boasting views of Lake Ontario, this splash pad offers a variety of water features and is part of a larger park area with ample green space for picnics and relaxation.

3. Victoria Park Splash Pad

Location: 487 Brock St, Kingston

A neighborhood gem, the Victoria Park splash pad is a smaller, more intimate option with a variety of spray features perfect for younger children.

4. Ron Lavallee Memorial Splash Pad

Location: 53 Fourth Ave, Kingston

Dedicated to a beloved community member, this splash pad offers engaging water activities and is located in a park with other recreational facilities.

5. Shannon Park Splash Pad

Location: 199 Wilson St, Kingston

Shannon Park's splash pad is a popular choice for families in East Kingston, featuring sprayers and fountains of all shapes and sizes.

6. Burt Garnsey Memorial Splash Pad (Woodbine Park)

Location: 1180 Woodbine Rd, Kingston

With its engaging water features and nearby picnic areas, the Burt Garnsey Memorial Splash Pad is an ideal spot for a family outing.

7. Bert Meunier Common Splash Pad

Location: 739 Augusta Dr, Kingston

A splash pad with modern features, this site is a great place to cool off after enjoying the adjacent playground or soccer field.

8. Westview Place Splash Pad

Location: 24 Westview Pl, Kingston

A hidden gem in the Kingston community, the Westview Place splash pad is perfect for locals looking to avoid larger crowds.

9. Kingston East Community Centre Splash Pad

Location: 779 Highway 15, Kingston

The Kingston East Community Centre's splash pad offers a refreshing, family-friendly water play area, perfect for hot summer days in Kingston, Ontario.

10. Lake Ontario Park Splash Pad

Location: 920 King St W, Kingston

Lake Ontario Park's splash pad in Kingston is a vibrant, waterfront play area, perfect for cooling off and family fun with stunning lake views.

11. McBurney Park Splash Pad

Location: 167 Ordnance St., Kingston

McBurney Park Splash Pad in Kingston is a neighborhood gem, providing a delightful water play setting amidst historic surroundings for children to enjoy.

12. The Memorial Centre Splash Pad

Location: 303 York St, Kingston

The Memorial Centre Splash Pad in Kingston is a bustling aquatic playground, offering cool relief and fun for children during the warm Ontario summers.

13. Molly McGlynn Park Splash Pad

Location: Rose Abby Dr. off Highway 15, Kingston

Molly McGlynn Park Splash Pad in Kingston, Ontario, is a community-favorite spot with engaging water features for children to play and beat the summer heat.


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Before heading out to one of these splash pads, it's wise to check the City of Kingston's official website or local community pages for the latest operation times and any maintenance updates. Most splash padsoperate from late spring through early fall and are free to use, making them an accessible option for families and children to enjoy.

Remember to bring sunscreen, towels, and a change of clothes, as well as water and snacks for a day of play. Some splash pads are located near other amenities such as washrooms, playgrounds, and picnic areas, allowing for a full day of activities.

Splash pads are not just about staying cool; they also provide a social setting where children can interact and families can meet and enjoy the community spirit. So gather your water shoes and toys, and make a splash at one of Kingston's delightful water playgrounds this summer!


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