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The Miller Museum of Geology in Kingston, Ontario: Discovering Earth's Wonders

Situated on the picturesque campus of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, The Miller Museum of Geology is a captivating destination for anyone fascinated by the natural world. This small yet informative museum offers a deep dive into the geological processes and history that have shaped our planet.

Location: Queen’s University, 36 Union Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

The Miller Museum of Geology in Kingston, Ontario

The Miller Museum of Geology in Kingston, Ontario
The Miller Museum of Geology in Kingston, Ontario

A Treasure Trove of Geological Marvels

The Miller Museum of Geology primarily focuses on educating its visitors about geology through an impressive collection of minerals, rocks, and fossils. Among its exhibits, the museum showcases beautifully preserved fossils that offer a window into ancient life, including plants and animals that once roamed Earth millions of years ago.

Interactive Learning for All Ages

What makes the Miller Museum particularly engaging is its interactive approach to learning. The museum features hands-on displays where visitors, especially children, can touch and examine geological specimens up close. This interactive element makes it an excellent venue for educational trips, sparking curiosity and learning about Earth sciences in a fun and engaging way.

A Focus on Local Geology

One of the unique aspects of the museum is its emphasis on the geological history of the Kingston area and the broader Great Lakes region. This local focus not only educates visitors about global geological processes but also connects them to the specific natural history of the region they are in.

Plan Your Visit

Admission to The Miller Museum of Geology is generally free, making it an affordable educational outing for families, students, and anyone interested in geology. The museum's compact size allows for a focused visit that can be completed in under an hour, perfect for combining with other activities in Kingston.

In conclusion, The Miller Museum of Geology offers a fascinating glimpse into the geological forces that shape our world. Whether you’re a budding geologist, a student, or simply curious about the Earth beneath your feet, this museum provides a rich educational experience that is both accessible and engaging. Don’t miss it on your next visit to Kingston!


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