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Top Tobogganing Hills and Spots in Toronto

Updated: Feb 6

Embrace the joys of winter in Toronto with the timeless tradition of tobogganing. Across the city's snow-clad parks, from the panoramic heights of Riverdale to the family-friendly slopes of Withrow Park, residents celebrate the season by zipping down hills in a flurry of excitement. Safe, fun, and quintessentially Canadian, tobogganing in Toronto is a cherished activity that brings communities together to revel in the magic of the snowy months.

Toronto offers a variety of spots for tobogganing enthusiasts to enjoy during the winter months. Here's a list of most popular and top tobogganing hills across the city, perfect for family fun or a thrilling slide down the slopes:

Tobogganing is Fun
Tobogganing is Fun

1. Riverdale Park East

Location: 50 Broadview Ave, Toronto

A prime location at 550 Broadview Ave, Riverdale Park East is sought-after for its expansive hill that promises a fast descent with a spectacular view of Toronto's skyline. The hill's steepness caters to thrill-seekers, while the ample space allows for numerous riders without feeling overcrowded. This park not only provides a great tobogganing experience but also serves as a picturesque urban retreat where families and friends gather to enjoy winter's joyous offerings.

2. Christie Pits Park

Location: 750 Bloor St W, Toronto

Situated at 750 Bloor St W, Christie Pits Park is a bustling hub of winter activity with its prominent hill that stands ready for tobogganers. The hill’s natural grade provides a satisfying slope for a variety of ages and thrill levels. The park's close proximity to the subway makes it an easily accessible spot for those using public transport. After the snowfall, the park transforms into a lively community space where laughter and cheers are as abundant as the snow.

3. High Park

Location: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto

At 1873 Bloor St W lies High Park, Toronto's most extensive green space, which offers multiple hills for tobogganing. Each hill varies in size and slope, catering to everyone from the cautious beginner to the daring adventurer. The park's natural beauty becomes even more pronounced in the winter, making it an idyllic setting for a day of sledding followed by a hot chocolate walk through the snowy paths.

Tobogganing is Fun with Friends
Tobogganing is Fun with Friends

4. Cedarvale Park

Location: 443 Arlington Ave, Toronto

Cedarvale Park at 443 Arlington Ave presents a wide, accommodating hill that winds down into a ravine. It's a perfect spot for those looking for a quieter tobogganing location away from the city's hustle. The park's terrain allows for a leisurely ride down, making it ideal for families and those preferring a peaceful glide over a rapid descent.

5. Trinity Bellwoods Park

Location: 790 Queen St W, Toronto

The tobogganing scene at 790 Queen St W's Trinity Bellwoods Park is a vibrant mix of convenience and fun. The hill here may be more modest compared to others, but it offers a quick and joyful ride for those in the downtown area. Surrounded by some of Toronto's trendiest shops and cafes, it's easy to warm up post-tobogganing with a short walk to local eateries.


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6. Centennial Park

Location: 256 Centennial Park Rd

At the western edge of the city, 256 Centennial Park Rd's Centennial Park features one of the longest tobogganing hills in Toronto. Accommodating both the fearless and the cautious, this hill provides a lengthy ride that builds excitement with every second. The park itself is a winter wonderland, often hosting other seasonal activities such as ice skating and skiing.

7. Withrow Park

Location: 725 Logan Ave, Toronto

Withrow Park, located at 725 Logan Ave, offers a family-friendly slope that is perfect for children or those looking for a gentler ride. The hill's moderate incline allows for a safe yet enjoyable tobogganing experience. Nestled in a charming neighborhood, the park turns into a community meeting place in the winter, where families converge to enjoy the snowy weather.


8. Earl Bales Park

Location: 4169 Bathurst St, Toronto

Earl Bales Park, situated at 4169 Bathurst St, features a designated tobogganing area that is well-loved by the North York community. The hill is meticulously maintained, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Beyond tobogganing, the park boasts a ski and snowboard centre, making it a hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts.